Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I remember about 25 years ago, speaking at a fledgling church one Sunday morning. My topic was "In the Beginning God." I don't remember much about what I said as I spoke without notes of any kind. I relied entirely on the Holy Spirit to give me the words that I was to speak.

I know that I said the whole of life hinged on these four words. Unless we believed that in the beginning God, we entered all sorts of speculation about life itself and more importantly, we fall prey to the fallacy of evolution.

Which is exactly what has happened for many Christians? As I peruse Christian forums on the Net, I am amazed how many so called Christians vigorously defend evolution. Many believe that God's creation and evolution can sit side by side. Many contend that the earth is billions of years old. Many contend that God started it all with the big bang. Many contend that six literal days is pure conjecture. Many contend that man from apes is logical. Many contend that man is just another one of the animal species. Many contend that evolution is an explanation for Genesis one.

It is becoming hard to find those who believe that creation happened as it said it did in Genesis one. Despite the fact that everything has to have a beginning, Christians are having a hard time accepting that God was the beginning who created the beginning of time and the universe.

Like so much of scripture we have become very adept at turning something that is simple into something complicated. Too often, sermons add to what is already there to the point that they add what is not there.

A simple story used to illustrate a simple principle of Christian living becomes an esoteric application of some doctrine which quite often ignores the purpose of the story in the first place. As a result, when all is said and done, more is said than done. The sermon just becomes a theological treatise with no real meaning and no call to action or requirement to be applied.

Bearing in mind that we only retain 20% of what we hear, most sermons are a waste of time. Yet we persist in such a failed method and think we are doing a great job because we pay someone to prepare and present what is in the end much ado about nothing.

Getting back to my original comment, I cannot imagine anything more stupid that trying to justify man made evolution in the light of the awesomeness of “in the beginning God...”

It is picturesque, poetic, awesome, majestic, life giving, breathtaking, brilliant, imaginative, creative, eye opening, infinite, indefinable, absorbing, and limitless, beyond comprehension and so on and so on.

For me, knowing that in the beginning God, is so reassuring and life giving. Without God as the maker of all things, we are left to the speculation of man's puny efforts to explain the universe and a lot of cases explain it away as something infinitely complex brought about by design. They would rather believe in big bangs, ponds, slime, things happening by chance, and mankind as the product of some primeval process that just makes us another animal species.

How dull, boring and totally implausible. When you look at the achievements of mankind and his ability to find clues to processes and produce life saving medicines to say that all this was a product of chance is to say the least, quite incredulous.

In the beginning God explains so many things to us right down to the incredible workings of the DNA and the fact that every human being has a different DNA to everyone else. Chance? I am sorry; I just don't have the faith to believe that.
According to zoological experts, every Zebra has a different stripe pattern. Millions of them. Chance? I am sorry, but I don't have the faith to believe that.
It would appear that every human being apart from having their own individual DNA, have their own set of individual fingerprints. Chance? I am sorry; I don't have enough faith to believe that.

What I do have enough faith for is that a great big benevolent God decided to be God and create a magnificent solar system for no other reason than he could, and in the midst of it all he decided to create a man in his image to enjoy the magnificence of his creation and out of his side he created "woman" to enjoy it with him and so they could procreate and populate his garden of Eden or what is commonly known as his utopia.

If sin had not interfered that is how it still would be. If Jesus had not died on the cross and rose again, there would be no hope of experiencing it once again. All we are left with is doom and gloom and death, eternal death. There is no doubt that the atheists and evolutionists have a death wish and what they wish for they are going to get.

The disciple of Jesus however, has eternal life to look forward to and experience. The sort that was there in the beginning.....God. Need I say anymore?

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